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Puma Patterned Bermuda Golf Shorts

Puma Patterned Bermuda Golf Shorts

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Performance and style go hand in hand in the Patterned Bermudas from Puma. These shorts will breathe for you while leaving onlookers breathless. When was the last time you really enjoyed pulling on those khaki cargo shorts, let alone the pleated, leave nothing to the imagination khaki shorts of years gone by. There comes with the Puma Patterned Bermuda Shorts a thrill, perhaps even nervousness about what others might think, but when you feel that, you know you're having fun! Puma believes in fun and distinctive style, and it shows in these Patterned Bermudas, but with moisture wicking properties keeping you dry and cool, along with the stretch of elastane, your game will benefit as well. Grab them in all six colors today!

• 95% Polyester/ 5% Elastane
• Double woven yarn dyed
• Moisture wicking finish
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